npm upgrade

npm is a great library. It really is. But it has terrible error messages.

The console always says something about finding more information in npm-debug.log, but this information is rarely helpful.

Even if i use –loglevel silly flag, i get dozens of lines that don’t mean much, and then the same meaningless error message i got without using any flag at all.

Googling doesn’t do much good either, because those messages are so generic.

when i couldn’t publish my package today i  eventually decided to dive into the npm package to see for myself the line where the code broke.

Instead of looking on my machine, i found it easier to browse the npm github repository and look for the misbehaving line.

Guess what? The line wasn’t there.

Well dah. The npm version i was using turned up to belong in a museum.

OK then, i set out to upgrade npm. shouldn’t be easier. It’s a node package, right?

npm install npm@latest -g should do the trick, right?

Well, not on Windows, apparently.

I came up with this link:

i installed Microsoft’s windows upgrade script, that turned out to be as buggy as you would expect a Microsoft product.

Then I tried doing what the script tried to do manually. This didn’t work either.

Eventually I had to reinstall node.js. That upgraded my npm version, and solved the original problem as well.


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